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Financial Problem Solution!

everyone single person in this world is running after money. They are doing it just to live a good life. If you have money in your hands then you have respect. So people without even thinking just keep on doing hard work work in any direction so it is better to first introspect. The lord kuber and lordess lakshmi are the god and goddess of wealth. So you have to make them happy first before taking any other step towards earning money. You would have noticed that you have been working so hard and you should have got results but you dont get results for long time. The reason behind this is that the god and goddess of wealth are not happy from you.

So kamandali baba does a process or kriya for you. He keeps your picture in the kriya and performs a ritual to make the gods of heaven happy so that they bless you with their divine powers and so you are able to get wealth in your life very easily.