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Get Your Husband Back By Spell
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Husband Vashikaran Voodoo || Get Your Husband Back By Spell

Most of the men lose interest in their wife's after marriage. They become busy in their life's and their wife are very unsatisfied with them. Husbands dont give time and are busy but wife's want to get their husband back by black magic. They want to do husband vashikaran voodoo.

So this mantra is very useful and wife's have to enchant mantra 68 times before sunrise for 23 days and 68 times before sleeping at night. Husband should not be in sight when you are enchanting it. And you should be facing east. You can enchant it in any position.


Namo namo agrim vash ho,

namim namim parmeshwar astitva,

nari astitva sang mail ho.

Om namo om namo om namo.